All coordinators want maximum influence in their community, but this can be hindered by: the multiple hats you wear, inflexible bureaucracy, and simply not enough hours in the day.  It’s frustrating.  Bill understands and has a strategy.  He has been educating in the Clean Communities arena since 1995, and now he’s sharing his secrets.  Along the way, you’ll get to know your fellow coordinators better, and hear what is unique about their approach.  Your job just got easier!



Discover what makes your colleagues initatives successful.

Nancy O’Grady, Hazlet Township

Meet Nancy O’Grady Hazlet Township Clean Communitites Coordinator. How did you get your start? In 2015,  I was asked if [...]



One on one, small group, or a full house: Here are the strategies that will make your message stick.

An easy opening to kick off your next meeting.

  My parents always told me, "You get one shot at a first impression."  I guess you heard that one too.  This video can be a powerful opening for a meeting where you [...]



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